Friday 18 December 2020

St Kirsty's Day (2000)

On this St Kirsty's Day, when we can't get to Soho Square without legitimate reason and we're going to have to sit on our own benches instead, we will light a candle for all those taken cruelly from us too young. The pigeons will have to shiver in the naked trees on their own this year. But we'll hope there is angel floating round someone's house. Even if he's called Terry.

The bloke who works down the Chip Shop who swears he's Elvis looks a lot more like Elvis now he is hiding his false teeth behind that facemask. So at least that's good.

The Mambo de la Luna will be held in the Orchard. I won't be joining. Not in these shoes. I don't think so.

Twenty years.  Is that how long it is? I look to the future and see a thousand setting suns. But tomorrow never came. 


  1. Twenty years... Too young, too soon.

  2. By the way, Terry Pratchett used one of Kirsty's lines one of his Discworld novels. Death's granddaughter, Susan, hears that the guy in the local equivalent of the chip shop swore blind that he was Elvish...


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