Monday, 21 December 2020

Solstice Morning

 All piled into the Moot House to watch a video of a Winter Solstice sunrise. Cats and dogs outside and we had to nail Hnaef's robes down with tent pegs to stop him blowing away for the Autumnal Farewell.

So. First day of winter. Shortest day of the year. On an island that has, through deception and incompetence, cut itself off from the mainland. Plague-struck, wondering how it will import the food it needs. Struggling through a recession, while planning for the next wave - the crashing down of an act of colossal security and financial self-harm. Led by a huckster who would be out of his depth running a Bible stall at a Secularist Society jumble sale.

The solstice still holds promise though. Maybe the days are short and wet, and the nights are cold. But tomorrow it will be a little lighter. The worst of winter is to come - and this year it will be dreadful, for all sorts of reasons. But spring will get here in the end. It won't be as much fun as springs were in the past. But it will be spring nonetheless.

So lift up your heads and light your bling as an act of defiance. Face the winter and see it through. Spring will get here in the end.

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