Monday, 1 February 2021

Imbolc / St Brigid's Day / Norman Clegg's Birthday / Saint Sally's Eve

Hymn: Candle in the Wind

Archdruid: Ow do?

All: Top of the morning to yer!

Archdruid: Ah, a true Celtic liturgy using authentic Celtic language.

All: To be sure.

Archdruid: On this holy morning, we remember the words of St Norman of Holmfirth: "It'll be dark by nightfall".

All: And when nightfall comes we shall light the holy Sheep of St Brigid to celebrate Imbolc.

Archdruid: How many times? You don't set fire to a sheep. 

All: Says here that Imbolc may be associated with "lactation of ewes".

Archdruid: Lactation. Not incineration. Lactation is the onset of milk, ready for the little lambs to be born.

All: Aah. We'd better let Flossie go then.

Hnaef: And do something about the Wicker Lamb.

Archdruid: Let us remember that in the ancient Beaker calendar, this holy cross-quarter day was halfway through winter - equally distant from the Winter Solstice and the Vernal Equinox.

Charlii: Hang on. That doesn't work. That would be later this week.

Archdruid: Erm... the ancient Beaker Folk were never very good at numbers. Let's turn to St Brigid.

Charlii: Co-patron of Ireland.

Archdruid: Brewer of beer.

Burton: Maker of blueberry jam.

Archdruid: Midwife to Our Lady.

Charlii: 500 years before Brigid was born?

Archdruid: Yeah, seems a bit odd. OK let's do Norman Clegg.

All: You mean Peter Sallis?

Archdruid: Same thing. Sayer of wise sayings.

All: Friend of the poor and smelly (Compo).

Archdruid: Avoider of stunts.

All: Walker of dales.

Archdruid: Inventor of Play Doh.

All: You just made that up.

Archdruid: Yeah. Shall we go to the hives to steal wax for the candles?

All: To be sure. We're going need the a lot of tea lights for Sally's Fifty-Ninth.

Archdruid: We're gonna need a bigger cake.

Flossie: Baaaah.

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