Thursday 10 June 2021

Blessing of the House You're Leaving

This is the place where we came to rest. A place to shelter from the weather and the world.

This is the place God's love blessed. And where that love was shared, and grew.

This is the place where we laughed and cried. Blessed new wonders and mourned our losses.

This is where - around the table and in every mundane task we did together, in eating and cleaning, and the life we planted - we took part in the joyous life of the Trinity.

And though we leave it now, and new adventures call, this place we called home still lives with us. And it will always have a place in our love.


  1. In my service career, I lived in over 20 different houses. Finally settled here, now over 31 years, were going to downsize, but we love where we are and are finding it hard, particularly as our daughter in law and grand children moved in across the road.


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