Saturday, 19 June 2021

Transferring the Summer Solstice

A swan taking wing off a lake, in the rays of the rising sun

Can Beaker Folk please note that the Summer Solstice is due at 4.31am or thereabouts on Monday. Conveniently this is quite close to the time of sunrise as well at 4.52.

Given it's a Monday, nobody's going to want to get up that early. Therefore we're transferring the Solstice celebrations to 12 noon on Sunday. Hopefully everyone will be able to get up for that.

We're leaving the Solstice Sunrise where it is. However, since nobody will watch it, we'll record the first rays appearing over the Amazon Website via our Ring camera, and be broadcasting in on the Beakernet every hour from 10 o'clock.

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  1. That is a very Christian practice. The transfer of a feast day to the next Low Sunday. I hope that the adherents to Beaker faith accept the transfer, or they might be revolting to the Arch Druid who has shaken the basis of their faith. Be careful out there.


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