Saturday 26 June 2021

The Right to Disappear - Church Video Recording and GDPR

 Tricky one, this. I'm thinking the Beaker Folk need to copy the instructions that the C of E have given out on filming in church.  After all, they've got better-practised lawyers than us. But it's not going to be easy.

Not least as all Moot House "occasions", as we call services, are streamed on the BeakerNet for the dispersed flock, people commuting, and those terrified to even leave the house let alone go in the Moot House. So we need to get this right.

First up, we need to get signatures off anyone that will be in shot, saying they consent to their images being held and shown. That's easy enough. But then they only need to do that once. So now we have to remember who's signed and who hasn't. We can't really keep a sheaf of papers lying around in the Moot House. And they have to re-sign every three years. So we've adopted the policy of scanning the signatures into a database.

This can be a bit of a problem at handfastings, where it only takes one person to object and the official videographer is out of a job. So we had to adopt "gentle persuasion" to get them into the non-film zone. Or, to put it another way, a pointy stick.

But at any point in the future, any who's agreed to be recorded can change their mind. At which point all occasions they have been filmed need to be "removed". We were just editing the videos and removing their images, leaving the slightly weird impression that they'd been retrospectively raptured. So, we're being a bit more sophisticated than that. Thanks to some expertise from Young Keith, once we've tracked down the recordings, we can replace the individuals with the image of Compo Simmonite.  Bit of a problem when an entire family opts out en-masse. The video looks a bit... weird. But you know, it gives us a laugh.

But first we've got to track down the videos they're in. So we need a database to track not just their signatures, but every event they've been to. So we issued everyone with bar codes they can scan, so we can match people to occasions. Speeds things up no end. OK, then we have to apply GDPR to the database. So that's another problem. But still, we're on the case.

Except, a month in, people have been forgetting their bar codes. So we're having to find a better way of doing it. A way they can't forget. A reliable mechanism that means we can meet our GDPR requirements in a seamless, handsfree, way. 

I would like to assure all Beaker Folk (and handfasting attendees) that while the insertion of the chip is painful for a moment, the soreness wears off. And we can use it for track-and-trace as well. So everyone's a winner.

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  1. I don't know about the CofE guidance. We place our Camera somewhere down the Church to capture the Choir and the Chancel, all in view wear a mask, so identifying them isn't that easy. People come into view when they come up to take communion or to receive a blessing. We warn people before the service if they do not want too be on camera taking communion tell the side people and we will take communion to them. So far, very few have done that as they think that masked with their back to the camera, they are quite safe. As for editing the film, it is a facebook live video and that would be impossible with out lack of tech expertise, so we don't bother. No complaints so far...


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