Friday, 19 November 2021

Can't be Too Careful

Message from Norag.

She says she's still not coming to the Moot House for services, as she's a bit worried about Covid still. She says it's too soon to be feel like you're safe. So better to give it a miss. 

She is still joining on Zoom to the Virtual Pouring-Out-of-Beakers. But she tends to switch off video, and not because she's asleep or actually out the back.  Just because she feels a bit self-conscious. So don't worry about that.

And she watches all the Facebook recordings of sermons. Sometimes a few weeks late. But she always catches up. So don't worry about her. It's fine. She's still alongside us, via the screen, and in her prayers all the time.

And if you do want to catch up with Norag, best bet is Friday at the White Horse between 6 and 11. She's normally there. Or the Brewhouse and Kitchen in Central MK. She likes to get over on a Saturday as they're open till 1am.

So don't worry about Norag. She's fine. She's just not coming to the Moot House for services. For now. Nothing wrong with the Beaker Folk. Just making sure she stays away because of the Virus.

You can't be too careful.


  1. Dear Norag.
    If she's staying away from the services it makes it so much safer for everyone else to attend in view of the other places she spends her time. Good for her.

  2. Not sure of staying away from services to attend Hospitality establishments is a valid excuse, unless of course she finds that membership of a community who don't ask questions about her faith membership is more comfortable than actually turning up in person to the Moot House, where awkward questions might be asked of her, like will you consider volunteering...... which she knows she doesn't have the time for or inclination for service to the community. She might find is easier in a Cathedral where she could remain one of the thousands who go to remain incognito and not be asked to volunteer or to join in with something. No, much simpler in the Pub and even enjoyable as well.


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