Saturday, 22 January 2022

Psalm for a Middle-Lane Driver

O how am I blessed to be in this middle lane
For truly it is a broad path.
Angry people pass to my left and my right
And I heed them not.
Though they open wide their mouths against me
And shake their fists at me
And some point their middle fingers unto heaven 
As if to say that is where God reigns 
Who judges  both the under-taker and the over-taker alike.
Many angry lorry drivers follow me
They flash their lights at me
And toot their horns at me.
They look longingly at the fast lane 
Bur the white dotted line tells them, "thus far and no farther."
Surely the miles-long queue in my mirror shall last forever
As I shall turn neither to the right nor the left 
But keep unto this middle way
All the days of my life
Or until I reach Nottingham.


  1. I shall remember this when I'm next a passenger in a certain car...

  2. This is apt as many Anglicans I know describe themselves as "Middle of the Road"


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