Tuesday, 21 June 2022

Hymnwriters Go Shopping Number 2 - Jan Struther

 Shopkeeper: Good afternoon, madam.Welcome to Cheddar George's Cheese Emporium.

 Jan Struther: Good afternoon, George. I would like 2 pounds of your finest Wensleydale.

Shopkeeper: Here you are, madam.

Jan Struther: Thank you very much. Here's four buttercups and twenty-seven daisies.

Shopkeeper: Give me the cheese back, and get out, you weirdo.


  1. That takes me back! I never did understand the line ‘daises are are silver’ as sung in N’pton !

  2. Same person who wrote 'All that we need to do, he we low or high...is to see that we grow, nearer, the sky.' What?


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