Saturday, 4 June 2022

Beacon Work it Out

 The Beaker Folk are getting increasingly grumpy about the delayed lighting of the Jubilee Beacon.

Well, I'm sorry. The problem is - it's a very high beacon. And we need the cherry-picker to light it.

But the cherry-picker got stuck in the highest position during the Ascension Day service. So we can't use it to light the beacon until we've got it repaired. It's really frustrating.

Also - Burton Dasset is still up in the cherry-picker. It's been 9 days. And he's starting to whimper.

Not sure whether it's the cold, the wet, the long wait, or the way we're keeping him fed by throwing cans of shandy and doughnuts at him. 

Anyway, please have some patience. I'm getting very stressed here.

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