Sunday, 12 June 2022

Organist Shortage

Some of you have been complaining that the Beaker Quire are playing too much at our Occasions and Meetings.

An objection I can understand. As a group consisting of a mandolin with a string missing, an ocarina, and a hay-fever-sufferer playing a kazoo can be difficult to pick up the tune from. Or the rhythm.

But we have an organist shortage. A serious organist shortage.

She can't reach the keys. And if she sits on enough cushions, she can't reach the pedals.

In other news, having read a tweet from a famous Anglican on the feast, Charlii's Holy Trinity sermon will no longer be on Pride and Diversity. Instead the title will be "Why Can't We all be Normal, Like God?"

1 comment :

  1. It appears that you need to extend the length of your tiny Organist's legs. Such a feat should not be an issue for the Arch Druid who has a Rack in her Cellar, used to maintain discipline and to interrogate deserters. A couple of hours on the Rack should remedy the shortness problem. A for Charili's sermon, it was probably full of heretic prophesy, which would go down well with the bunch of heretics that are the Beker Folk


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