Sunday, 14 August 2022

Change of Outrage

With the change to weather expected tomorrow, please note the following changes:

What no longer to get self-righteous about
The heat
People walking their dogs in the heat
People using hosepipes
Disposable barbecues
Back-garden swimming pools
People chucking fag ends out of car windows
Lack of reservoirs
People wearing masks in public
Chinese lanterns
People saying "isn't it hot"
Car alarms
People clogging up the NHS with sunburn
People using showers while not standing in a bucket.

What to start getting self-righteous about
The rain
People walking their dogs in the rain
People who live next to rivers getting upset about flooding
People wearing masks in public
Blocked drains
People who dance in the garden in torn sheets in the rain
People clogging up the NHS being struck by lightning
In-house swimming pools
People saying "isn't it wet"
People using prepositions to end sentences with.

1 comment :

  1. I think we should be outraged by the Tory Leadership debacle and the lack of a General Election. Instead we are treated daily with pronouncements from both candidates, each wilder than the last one. And both declaring war on the SNP and Mrs S in particular. In the meantime the Rwanda plans are mired in controversy and legal challenges, while not a peep from Ms Patel the Home Secretary? The daily dance of Grand Shaaps talking about evil unions and the RMT, Aslef, Communications Workers Union, Nursing Unions, Teachers Unions, Civil Service Unions all planning strikes against their employers who don't have the resources to pay outrageous demands for inflation proof increases, while the vast majority are not in hope of a rise, just in keeping their jobs. I am also outraged by the Russian aggression against Ukraine and being a spectator in the sidelines while Ukraine burns. I am outraged by the climate debate and those climate deniers who seem to be on the increase. I am surprised I haven't seen an Arch Deacon outside Downing Street, struggling to slap Mr Ex Johnson with a Cricket Bat.


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