Thursday, 25 October 2012

Feast of SS Crispin and Crispinian

Archdruid: Today we celebrate St Crispin, and his lesser-known brother Crispinian. Patron saints of..... hang on, I've just forgotten.....

All: Cobblers?

Archdruid: No, it's true. It's on a piece of paper. I put in my purse......


  1. These saints were removed from the liturgical calendar (but not declared to no longer be saints) during the Catholic Church's Vatican II reforms. The reasoning used by Vatican II for this decision was that there was insufficient evidence that Saints Crispin and Crispinian actually existed. The feast remains as a "Black Letter Saints' Day" in the calendar of the Anglican Book of Common Prayer (1662) and a "commemoration" in Common Worship (2000).

    1. Just over the northern horizon there's an entire county that counts the Crisp brothers as patron saints. I wouldn't go to Northampton with all this "didn't exist" heresy if I were you.

  2. The RevRichardColes chappie seems to be fairly up on his saints Try him!

  3. One of my jobs as a lab tech back in the last century was to analyse the biological and chemical oxygen demand of the effluent from the local Crisp factory. It was powerful stuff. Different flavours every week. The crisps were salty and light, beloved of the local peoples.


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