Tuesday, 9 October 2012

On the Eve of St Kirsty

There have been some dissenters to my plan to spend the entire evening playing the music of Kirsty MacColl at loud volume.

Fundamentally their complaints can be summarised as, "All her songs say men are double-dealing, lying creeps". To which I would respond that this is not true. "There's a guy works down the chip shop" implies that some of them are fantasists as well.

The point about Kirsty MacColl, for me, is the wit, the defiance, the razor-sharp mind she brings to the subject. "What do Pretty Girls Do", to take one example, brings a feeling of crushing sadness to the story it tells. "Soho Square" combines melancholy with a defiant optimism. And "Big Boy on a Saturday Night" is just sheer fair comment.

You're all gonna get Kirsty at full volume, all night. And that's that.

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