Monday, 1 October 2012

Sorting Out the Meeting

I had just one last task before turning in for the night - organising the "Finding Better Ways" meeting. We realised we urgently need to sort out the way we have too many meetings and not enough free time for just being.

Obviously, we can't hold in on a Tuesday (Men's group), Wednesday (Women's Group), Thursday (Skittle night), Friday (it's Friday) or weekend. So a Monday.

But not the first Monday of the Month (mini-Moot), second Monday (Film Night), third Monday (Druids' Social) or fourth Monday (Grovery Synod).

29 October is conveniently close, but it's a full moon. 31 December is New Year's Eve.

29 April is right when we're building the Wicker Person for May Eve. 29 July is in the Summer Holidays.

So 30 September, 2013 it is then.

We've got to find a better way.

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