Thursday, 24 October 2013

Beaker Pub Quiz - some Corrections

Dreadful chaos earlier at the Beaker Pub Quiz. I'm afraid we confused the answers to the "General Knowledge" and "Religion" rounds. So to put the record straight:

The Codex Sinaiticus is a much-loved, ancient leathery object of eastern origin, and does not have the catchphrase "Cheap as Chips".

The "barrier to Roman progress that meanders aimlessly between Lambeth and Westminster" is the River Thames. And "the best place to put Liberal Clergy" is the Church of England.

St Augustine's Confession was not to a series of murders, and Jack the Ripper did not write a popular Latin book about his conversion.

Richard the Lionheart was not the first New Labour Prime Minister. But you can all have 2 points for your answer to the question "Who launched a pointless and bloody attack on the Middle East, wrecked religious relations for centuries, and had no interest in the well-being of England?"

Although both lived in Oxford, CS Lewis never had to drive Inspector Morse home when he was drunk.

Nostradamus was a purveyor of unfathomable sayings in convoluted and incomprehensible language, and not the former Archbishop of Canterbury.

"The Oxford Movement" was not a short-lived and much-publicized outbreak of flashy frocks. And John Henry Newman was not, as far as we know, the founder of the London Fashion Week.

John the Baptist was technically an eloquent, bearded outcast who suffered a sudden drop in popularity, but Russell Brand has never lived in the Israeli desert on locusts and honey.

I have no idea whether Martin Luther really went short on soluble fibre, but constipation is not caused by a Diet of Worms.

Fred Flintstone is the sexist stereotypical cartoon from the 1950s, and not a pastor at Mars Hill Church.

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