Monday, 21 October 2013

Strange Brew

A dreadful fight has broken out!  It is, Dear Readers, terrible to see.

The argument appears to be between the Moon Gibbon Folk and the everyday, standard Beaker Folk.  The Moon Gibbon Folk insisted that, it being Full Moon and - at least somewhere in the world - s lunar eclipse the other day, that everyone should stand on their chairs and howl.

The other Beaker Folk insisted that the era of standing on chairs howling was over. They said that howling at the moon was not a  thing that Beaker People did in these days; and that those who howled at the moon were deeply suspect. They refused even to sit in the seats the Moon Gibbon Folk wanted to howl from, least they be eternally contaminated.

While both sides were refusing to talk to each other, all the chairs went missing from the Moot House; and now nobody will be using the chairs. Charlii blames the Beaker Secularist Movement - says they came along and nicked them. But I reckon it was Charlii who stole the chairs, and has flogged them to spend on those baggy trousers and t-shirts she has taken to wearing. I think the Beaker Secularists are just handy scape-nerds.

Either way, nobody is talking to anybody else. The Beaker movement is not one inch further forward. And there aren't any chairs in the Moot House. It is,  Dear Readers, all a bit of a mess.


  1. I have no truck with the Moon-Gibbon folk - they are not proper Traddie Pagans - just Neo-Pagans and most of their ceremonial was invented in the 1960s. Did the Witch of Endor feel it necessary to leave her sandal prints all over her best Dralon Chesterfield? No. Everyone knows that one has to stand silhouetted against the moon on a promontory. Alderley Edge is rather full these days, but there are still places available at Helsby (or Mow Cop if you are desperate).

    PS Charlii - thanks for the you-know-whats. We used them for Major Greasby's magic lantern slide show about voodoo ceremonies in Guyana. Then we broke them up and put them on the Samhain woodpile. Hope the trip to Primark in Stockport went well.

  2. So Pagans don't have to worry about the Health and Safety considerations that (a few years ago) put a stop to the annual carrying of a large wooden cross up tp the top of Helsby Hill on Good Friday and back again on Easter Sunday?


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