Monday, 7 October 2013

Days of Wine and Rosaries

The celebration of "Our Lady of the Rosary" has been a great success. Charlii says that we have never sold so many.

Beaker Folk like rosaries. Prayer beads seem so spiritual, and Beaker Folk like spiritual.  I personally have nine or ten sets of rosary beads. One day, I hope to find out what to do with them.


  1. My dear Burton

    You need to get a hoodie, some red drainpipe trousers and a pair of white Nikes. a rosary around the neck is the "must have" accessory - you can now hang around the mean streets of Market Harborough on the wrong side of the tracks and set fire to Austin Allegros or devise equally brilliant ways of rendering respectable commuting vicars late for work on a Monday morning.

  2. Instruction in the proper Praying of the Rosary is available widely online. Or, if a more personal touch is needed pop along to the nearest RC Church (there are one or two still around) and ask for instruction.

    Be prepared for an Evangelical zeal from those who meet you and offer to provide training. But be aware that you need to be proficient in The Hail Mary, Glory Be to the Father and have a good idea of the Glorious, Joyful and Sorrowful mysteries. You also need to be content to knell on hard floors for several hours at a time.

    If you are deficient in any of these skills, I'd do some private study and preparation before hand, as there might be a little impatience at your inability to grasp the fundementals of the Rosary at first go.

    The good thing is that you are not normally incensed while saying the Rosary, although you might become so when the cramp sets in.


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