Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Godley and Creme Play

We have received some complaints about yesterday's "Godley and Creme Play". Some parents said that re-enacting the plot of "Under your thumb", with its tale of psychological manipulation, suicide and haunting was a bit scary for small children.

But the complaints about  the other story,  "Godley Dreadlock holiday", were twofold. Firstly because a song about mugging and drugs pushing was apparently "not suitable" in some way.  But also because Godley and Creme had left 10cc before the song was made.

I thought that was a real shame. Lines like "Can you see how strangely he's walking, children? That's because he's concentrating on truckin' right" really brought them right into the story.

Next week we will revert to standard "Godly Play". Since we're requested to stick with Bible stories, which are safe and wholesome for the Little Pebbles, Charlii will be leading the story of "David and the mountain of Philistine Foreskins". We hope this is more suitable.

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