Monday, 3 November 2014

A Welcoming Church

I am confused, I must admit, by this blog post on the Top 10 Ways Churches Drive Away First-Time Guests.

I had never realised that some churches saw it as a good idea to drive away visitors, however ungodly. However, if you want advice on how to do it, that web page is as good a way to get suggestions as any.

For myself, I always insist that new visitors to Bogwulf Baptist Church stand up and give us a short overview of who they are and why they have come. Then they are invited to join in with the other members of the congregation in discussing "three ways I have been tempted to sin this week". Naturally, as guests, we let them go first. This all helps in making them feel welcomed and, of course, important.

Having read Tom Rainer's post, I am now thinking that the poor rate of returning on the part of first-time visitors may be because our Children's Corner may need a lick of paint.

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