Friday, 28 November 2014

Celebrating Yuleval

And so, on this Black Friday, we at the Beaker Folk celebrate the start of the feast of Yuleval.

We chose "Yuleval" to express the ancient concept of the month of "Yule", relayed from our Anglian (but not Anglican) forebears** through the Venomous Bede* to the present day. To Bede, "Yule" was just a name. But to us, "Yuleval" is a state of mind.

"Yuleval" means no judgement - no claims of one religious festival over all others.
"Yuleval" means songs and poems, tales of old and happy remembrances, around log fires. Or, failing that, log-effect electric fires.
"Yuleval" means presents, Santa, cribs, reindeer and stables. But no genocidal king, killing children and giving us terrifying questions about why God preserves one but leaves the rest.
"Yuleval" means bling, tea lights, light-up snowpeople and dancing penguins.
"Yuleval" means a direct contact with our pagan ancestors, cuddly feelings and an excuse to have several jars.

Obviously, "Yuleval" only lasts until the day after Boxing Day. After that, we're in the season of Hogmanay.  Which lasts until the feast of "CreditCardBill". When we all get a bit down, to be honest.

Join us, this year, in celebrating Yuleval. It'll really upset the Daily Mail.

* Thank you, 1066 and all that.
** According to ancient Beaker myth, everybody evolved from four bears.
*** Bling from the very worthy and awesome Karl's Christmas Display.

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