Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Church and Love and Work and Life and Time

I shall have more later, I suspect, to say on the theory that cathedral services are thriving because it's easier to fit a half-hour dash into a city-centre building than it is to get up and organised and get the kids together and plan your way round shopping and weekend sport and visits to Granny.

But the idea of church for the time-poor did chime in with my experience, when visiting Facebook, of seeing an advert for an online dating agency for people who are too busy to have time to meet potential partners through the usual, time-consuming methods of having hobbies and interests, going to the pub or having mutual friends. Which made me think.

If your busy work life means you're too short on time to find a soul mate, how will you find the time to maintain a relationship?

Answers on a postcard please. No photographs. Especially not that kind of photograph.


  1. The book I'm reading at the moment pointed to the teabag as a symbol for not having time for things: teabags have been around for a long time, but while they accounted for 10% of tea drinking in the UK in 1970, by 2000 it was 90%. "The modern tea bag suggests a much more hurried pace for life in which God is less likely to find a place." (David Brown, God and Grace of Body, OUP 2007, p.179)

  2. Or less willingness to strain leaves with your teeth...

    1. Do you not have a decent tea strainer? I'm shocked!

  3. Can you get through ACCM without a tea-strainer and a complete set of maniples (inc rose pink) these days?

  4. Sorry, too busy to find a postcard and a stamp. Much quicker to dash off an ill-thought-out response via electronic gadgetry.


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