Thursday, 27 November 2014


Since Blogger, Facebook and Twitter have changed their terms to allow themselves to publish the things other people write on the Internet, we have to take action immediately before discovering that our entire social lives have been converted into e-Books, and sold via the Dark Net to used net-curtain salespeople in North Korea.

I thereby declare that in accord with Space Corps Directive 1742, no Social Media outlet or political party is allowed to confuse the Moot House with a mosque, publish my complete DNA profile, steal Monty the Penguin, or publish this blog post in such a way that anybody can read it.

If Blogger puts itself in contravention of this directive, it is liable to fines not exceeding 46 jelly babies (or 51 if at least 5 are raspberry flavour), the sequestration of its mineral rights to alluvial sediment, and the complete loss of function of its mojo.

Copy and paste if you want to put content on your blog or Facebook page that actually means nothing, but begs the question of why you continue to use something you're convinced is conspiring against you, a for-profit organisation you seem to believe is a public service.

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  1. You forgot the mineral rights. You don't want Blogger fracking under your living room.


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