Monday, 8 June 2015

An Experimental Form of Blessing for People Who Like to Expand on the Normal Ones

And May Peace and Blessing be with you
And those whom you love
And those you're merely fond of
And those you don't have much time for, really, but we ought to remember them out of charity
And those that you hate
And those you'd destroy
The bloke who gave you a funny look at the bus stop this morning but you'd not given him a second thought till now
The people currently going through Junction 13 of the M1
Facebook friends
All the Facebook Friends whom you don't care if you ever see them again or not
All the sock puppets on Twitter
People whom you've never met
Dead people
People who aren't born yet
People who are never even gonna be conceived
All sentient animals
(especially any we might eat at any point in the future)
Small pink furry creatures from Alpha Centauri
The cast of "Glee"
and everyone in Palau
and other potential "Pointless" answers
Now and forever.


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  1. and mercifully hear us when we call upon thee (oops, wrong Service)


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