Thursday, 11 June 2015

RIP Christopher Lee

Hymn: Summer is ycumen in.

Archdruid: What do you call a man with a wicker man on his head?

All: Edward.

Archdruid: What do you call a man with three wicker men on his head?

All: Edward Woodward. Are you here all week?

Archdruid: A nameless fear stalks Husborne it is...

Burton: Drah-culah!

Charlii: The fighting Uruk-Hai of Sah-ru-man!

Hnaef: Lord Summerisle!

Archdruid: Gosh, that's a lot of nameless fear for one bloke. And a lot of long, dramatic vowels. Couldn't he have been in Last of the Summer Wine?

Compo: That Dracula has gone in through Nora Batty's upstairs window!

Foggy:  Obviously couldn't resist those wrinkled stockings.

Clegg: Got a rolling pin through the heart though.

Compo: And putting his coffin on that shopping trolley was a big mistake....

Archdruid: And so we say farewell to....

Burton: Drah-culah!

Charlii: Sah-ru-man!

Hnaef: Lord Summerisle!

Archdruid:  ... purveyor of fear to the masses and yet, I reckon, a decent bloke.

All: We shall not see his like again.

Archdruid: Unless he's got one more trick up his sleeve, at any rate.

Ominous Exuent Omnes.

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  1. I can recommend his splendid autobiography, or rather autobiographies, because he kept updating it. He stands revealed as a man with a great sense of humour and able to laugh most heartily at himself. I trust that he is now enjoying a long-deferred reunion with his old friends Boris Karloff, Peter Cushing and Vincent Price.


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