Thursday, 25 June 2015

Solemn Act of Contemplation

I dunno. Gonna have to look at the structure of our "Solemn Act of Comtemplation" and see how we can fine-tune it.

I don't know whether it was the plate-juggling, or the chickens, or the way the Eternal Flame was reprogrammed to belch flame in random directions, or the urchins who shouted out deep comments from the works of Steve Chalke. But something wasn't right.

One of the sword-dancers said to me afterwards that he'd not been able to focus on God. Felt distracted, somehow.

Perhaps we could lose the Ferris wheel?


  1. Contemplating your Navel isn't recommended - Sailors think that you're a soft touch and try to recruit you as their 'one in every port' :)

  2. Noooo! Not the Ferris wheel! Send the sword dancer on an Alpha course (clearly lacks focus) and reprogramme eternal flame. All will be well.

  3. I know a great story about sacred chickens.

    It appears that the Romans used to practice a form of live scrying with these, by scattering their meal and seeing how theybehaved as they ate it (chickens being dumb birds and not realizing that Act II involved their being cut open and their entrails examined for something significant - never found an author who explained quite what).

    Anyway, there was this battle. And beforehand the religion required there be an examination, via the sacred chickens, of the predestined outcome. So they dutifully scattered the sacred corn on the deck and the birds undutifully refused to eat any of it. [Maybe they were seasick, poor things.] The senior official in charge, one Pulcher, threw a wobbly and declared "If they don't want to eat, then let them drink instead", and booted them over the side, the sadist. Then he gave the signal for battle.

    You already knew it; he was heavily defeated and disgraced, in fact he was exiled. Because, you see, he had caused the disaster by disrespecting the sacred birds; quite logical.

    All this took place in 249BC. Perhaps you just had to be there.


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