Friday, 19 June 2015

A New Worship Leader Learns to Fly

I dunno.  In every new worship-leader's life comes the day they've got to fly solo. And so, after her careful training by Charlii and Hnaef, today Agnetta was allowed to lead Pouring out of Beakers with no supporting druids.

I don't know whether it was the power went to her head, or nervousness at being on her own,  or excitement at the approaching Solstice. At any rate, today was not the day to try "Congregation Surfing."

Not at a Friday morning service. The two congregation members were both sitting in the back row.  Did a "Grohl", didn't she.

Now obviously we respect Agnetta's beliefs in health care. That's why we ensured we used distilled water to wash the blood away. Being a dedicated believer in homoeopathy, she was worried about side effects if we'd just used tap water.

But in the end we had to persuade her that aromatherapy wasn't really gonna help her. Neroli might be inspiring, and lavender soothing. But to fix that broken leg, we had to take her to hospital.

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  1. You have to admire her sense of adventure. Breaking bones without the use of a Cricket Bat is new. The training for your worship leaders is obviously deficient in content. Next time, she should parachute in from a hot air balloon wearing a Super Woman outfit and than pour out the water for the beakers from an Atomic Flask full of the hot stuff. Now that's worship leading.


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