Wednesday, 24 June 2015

The Morning After the Midsummer Night Before

I see Puck had a good few last night. Gets a skinful on St John's Eve and it's all "When I was a young elf, I could put a girdle round the earth."

Well, he got as far as Farndish. He's just staggered back, saying he'll need to lose some weight and build up his wings before next year. Same every midsummer.

At least Bottom has moved with the times. These days he just sticks a traffic cone on his head.

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  1. Eeugh. Just woke up with no spectacles and stubble rash...and can't remember anything after my fourth flagon of mead. Please tell me I wasn't snogging the Wodewose again in the drunken misapprehension that he was Tormund Giantsbane?


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