Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Beaker Quire to Play at Trump Inauguration?

Well the Beaker Quire don't know what to do.

The invitation to perform at President Trump's inauguration came completely out of the blue. And I'm sure it was on merit, and not because the four million more accomplished bands in the Western hemisphere all said no.

But should they play? I pointed out they'd be playing for an irrational power-crazed demagogue and they said what's new?

But still. The current line up is acoustic bass, violin, guitar and pan pipes. If Trump thinks they're Mexicans he might build a wall round them


  1. They should perform cover versions of:
    Highway To Hell
    Beds Are Burning
    Donald, Where's Your Troosers?
    Mad World
    You're So Vain
    The Man Who Sold The World
    Lock Up Your Daughters

    any more suggestions for the programme?

    1. As on the Beaker Facebook Page <a href="http://cyber-coenobites.blogspot.com>(plug)</a>:

      Kirsty MacColl's "Mexican Sofa";
      Pink Floyd: " Another Brick in the Wall";
      And anything by China Crisis.

  2. Regardless of what is played, the Beaker Quire should maximize the potential funding opportunities and secure performance rights and other benefits from marketing merchandise.


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