Sunday, 1 January 2017

Beaker Resolutions

Just so everyone knows where we stand after 19 hours of 2017.

Beaker PersonResolutionComment
Archdruid EileenCycling every dayIt's not midnight yet
Burton DassetStop annoying EileenBarely made it past the third "bong".
HnaefBe fantasticNo sleep and had to deal with 8 hours of children's vomit
CharliiDry JanuaryProsecco isn't really alcoholic is it?
Young KeithGo jogging every dayRan to the White Horse, but not back
Daphne Stop biting her nailsHave you met Hnaef?
Marston MoretaineMake it to "Pouring out of Beakers" every morningCouldn't stay up that late.
Drayton ParslowNot to mark man--made festivals. Only reflect those in the Bible.Trapped in a paradox.
Stacey BushesStop swearingSupports Watford

1 comment :

  1. In 19 hours, the Beaker Folk appear to have progressed further in their thinking than the UK government has in the 193 days since the EU Referendum.


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