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Tuesday, 17 January 2017

A Poem for the Inauguration of Donald Trump

Our friend Mrs Melissa Sparrow has kindly sent in a poem for this auspicious occasion.

'Twas in the year two thousand and sixteen
When an election happened nobody thought would be seen
For the world thought Donald Trump would be a failure 
For boasting about grabbing women's genitalia
A thing done by no previous president
Except in the Oval Office, with mutual consent.

A man of endless sentences unordered
He promised to ensure his nation was bordered
With a majestic wall from sea to sea
Such as was mightier e'en than that structure fabled in poetry
(I refer of course to the dooméd bridge of Tay
Of which the great McGonagall had so much to say).

And so in January two thousand and seventeen
Obama with his family quit the scene
Knowing his life would be filled with many lucrative lecture tours
And lending his name and Michelle's to many a good cause
For who can doubt that his future will be full of good deeds for people poor and needy
And will not plunge into a life that's seedy.

Then Trump strode forwards to dominate the stage
The orangest president of this or any age.
The leftist artists and Charlotte Church would not share the day
For this most unlikely leader of the US of A.
Instead they hunkered down with Guardian leaders earnest
And wondered when Americans ever learnest.

And so my friends, I must conclude my lay.
Perhaps most appropriately, in my regular way.

Death death death
Death death death
Death death death
Death death death.

1 comment :

  1. Archdruid, this is most consoling for us in the U S of A, given that tomorrow's inauguration ceremonies will not include the reading of a poem. (I was just reading in the newspaper that it's Democratic presidents who go in for that sort of thing, not Republicans.) Mrs. Sparrow's work truly captures the essence of the moment.


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