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Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Lament for the First Regular Day Back at Work After Christmas

Oh how many are our aches and pains.
Our eyelids are weary
And our eyes are bleary
And we're knackered, dearly

And we are aware that
Others have worked through the YuleFest.
Power station workers,
Shop assistants
And news readers.
Let's face it
They've all told us on Twitter.
And we "liked" them.
Well, except the shop workers.
Because even a shop worker on minimum wage
Is a vile tool of Sauron
Should they work when the right thinkers of Social Media think they shouldn't.
Eg any day with a sale in it.
And vicars.
Because obviously unlike nurses and power station workers
Vicars should have realised their job meant they don't get Xmas off.
They're supposed to be doing it for the love.

But though we respect their dedication
It's still our first day back
And we think that Limoncello we drank on New Year is still getting its revenge.
And all the things we left undone on the 23rd December, when we acted like the world had effectively come to an end because Xmas
Are still left undone tonight
Because all we've done is read emails.
(Who writes emails over Christmas?)
And so we think it might have been better if the world had come to an end.

Mind you, the Yanks have elected Trump.
So you never know. Could happen.

How long is it till Easter?

1 comment :

  1. Nobody except you remembers burglars...
    Brings a mist to my larcenous self.
    God Bless Ya!


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