Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Liturgy of Badgers

OK. Liturgy of Badgers was a bad idea.

It looked like a good one. Songs sure as "Brock of Ages" and "It don't matter if you're Black and White" would have worked well.

And badgers as a race are a key part of our local wildlife. Loved by people who've never met them and people who never want to meet them alike.

Now the Beaker Folk were nervous as we introduced the badgers. It's fair to say we treat them with suspicion. But after a certain wariness we were prepared to let them snuffle around the worship focus.

And then Hnaef ran in. Late. With shaving soap still behind his ears. And his shaving kit in his hand.

Have I mentioned before that Hnaef is a bit posh, a bit retro, a bit steam punk?

A bit inclined to be the bloke who thinks a badger bristle shaving brush is just the thing?

Laid waste to the Moot House, they did. I mean - we've lost the Moot House countless times in accidental explosions but "trashed by badgers" is a new one.

The newly politically aware badgers were last seen heading for London, to protest against Trump. I'm not reckoning on his chances if they catch him.


  1. It will not have helped if Hnaef explained "super badger bristle is taken from the neck of the badger. The highest grade hair available, it is soft and luxurious ensuring a pleasing shave”.

  2. "Not reckoning on his chances if they catch him." Let us pray. (Except VP Pence is worse. And now I must do penance for my uncharitable thoughts.)


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