Saturday, 28 January 2017

Liturgy of Pretending it's Some Other Time

Tomorrow morning's Liturgy of Pretending it's Some Other Time will be a BCP matins with two small candles and a load of Buddhist meditation. Followed by a 24-hour screening of The Good Life in the "Room of Seeing" (ie the TV room).

We will be pulling out the internet connection and broadcasting a jamming signal to take out the phones. The vicar will be popping round on a bicycle and we'll be pulling all the curtains so we can't see what's going on in the outside world.

Just don't think about the outside world.

Anyone want to listen to the Goon Show?

Just the sorts of cars we're pretending we drive around in.


  1. Given the current political situation, I shall pop round later, with my sodastream, and Human League CD collection, and Burton can cry on my shoulder pads.

  2. Anyone want to listen to the Goon Show? I thought that we were.

  3. Goon Show? May I suggest we start with Nineteen Eighty Five

  4. You do realise the Goon Show is a reflection of its creators' experience of the Second World War, don't you?
    What on earth would have become of you with Arthur Harris and Curtis Lemay to trouble your consciences?


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