Thursday, 16 February 2017

A Time to Laugh, not a Time to Cry

It was miserable yesterday.  It's pretty overcast today. The daffs still ain't out properly and it's still 10 months to Xmas.

So I'm calling a Code 45. As a reminder:
Code 45 is the regulation that demands that all Beaker People adopt shiny, happy faces and a far-away look in their eyes. Everyone is under strict instructions, at all possible opportunities, to count their blessings. Everybody has to look like they've been burning lavender oil while listening to Enya's Shepherd Moons.
It's just like being at one of those Pentecostal churches that call a random person up the front and ask what good things have happened this week, and when they say they've lost their job, their partner has left them and the dog was run over by a steam roller. And everybody goes, it's all God's will. Give thanks in all circumstances.

So to be clear - from now on in, if anyone is in any way looking miserable, it's an official Beaker sin. Get out there and be happy.

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