Saturday 4 February 2017

The Church of St Julian and St Sandy

Shock as a group of ordinands at Westcott lead a service written in Polari.

The BBC website notes that
Services in the Church of England are legally required to be conducted using the church's approved liturgy.
Which is going to come as a shock to ordinands in every Church of England theological college and training course in the land. Even as I write, up and down England, hazelnuts are being squirreled away under sofas; clown costumes burnt at the dead of night; scripture readings from the Qur'an, the Wee Worship Book, the Adi Granth, and Coldplay are being reconsidered. Entire services in mime are having Cranmer's liturgy retrofitted.

Meanwhile in Anglo Catholic vicarages, incumbents are reckoning that the Roman Rite is still gonna be OK.

I note that, as a result of the legalisation of homosexuality and of  the 1960s sketches by "Julian and Sandy", Polari has really been pretty much killed off for 50 years.

Which, I suppose, means it's cutting edge for Church of England liberals.


  1. The reality of ad-hoc worship is that Commmon Worship gives many options for this and experiment is accepted as part of it. Hence the blessings of Pet's, Bridges, Harbour's, Homes and uncle Tom Cobbly and all.

    Hazel Nuts and Mustard Seeds and Jars of wine are accepted props for worship as are power point, hugs and hand squeezing and if your are fortunate (or unfortunate) a kiss on the cheek or even the lips. But I draw the line at the Bloke in the Bob the Builder outfit with heavy tatto's and a rollup on his ear - he can kiss the Vicar not me.

  2. Currently working on draft of "Julian and Sandy go to Cambridge". Interesting issues raised;

    - Ordinand leading service did not commit ecclesiastical offence;
    - Most college chapels are peculiars and not subject to jurisdiction of bishop as ordinary;
    - if one objects to a service in Polari, what about " adoration of the Blessed Sacrament" also performed at Westcott;

    Also, does the LGBT community wish to be portrayed as "Julian and Sandy"?

  3. KH: I needed some spiritual guidance, so I trolled on down to Lambeth Palace.

    KW: Hello, I'm Julian and this is my friend Sandy. We are your actual bona ecclesia.

    HP: Oh, 'ello, Mr 'orne. What'a your churchmanship, high, low or broad. We cater for all 'ere, , don't we, Jules.

    KW: Yes, Sandy. Now, Mr Horne, how are your vestments.

    KH: Very satisfactory, thank you.


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