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Friday, 17 February 2017

Search for the Hero

Brothers and Sisters! You may find the following quite stressful, and in places needing high degrees of spiritual wisdom and intellect.  So it may be better if the Sisters who read this blog ask their husbands, fathers or pastors to explain it to them later.

The book "Why Men Hate Going to Church" has been very clear on the importance of the need that a church leader should be a "hero". To quote:
So it is my godly duty to be the sort of hero that a hero-worshipper might want to worship.  Not in the sense that I am taking away his worship of God. Except maybe a little bit.

But, brothers (I presume you will keep these doubts from your dependent females) what was I to do? For I am a man in his fifties with no real musculature, no real attraction, no handsome profile.

So in order to make myself the sort of pastor that a hero worshipper might worship as a hero, I took myself off for a five-hour session at the gym.

The doctor reckons it is not a heart attack. Merely a spasm in a chest muscle caused by too many "reps" on the bench press. Being a hero is a painful calling.  But I am ready for the call.


  1. "Why Men Hate Going to Church does not call men back to the church-it calls the church back to men."

    Quote from this [self-published] book's publisher's blurb. Says it all, really.

  2. I think that Drayton you need to get over the Headship thingie.

    Women in leadership are just as potent and perhaps more heroic than men, as they've had to fight harder to be in that position.

    If you were to retire (a request, not a suggestion) I'm sure that Mrs Parslow (who dominates you) would make an Ideal and Ample (given her girth) leader for your excuse for a Baptist church.

    And she would bring it into the 22nd Century, with the Men serving the women - and about time too


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