Thursday, 16 February 2017

Bishop Christopher Presses the Button

Excitement at Westminster as to which bishop rebelled against the Bishops' paper is dispelled as the Bishop of Coventry fesses up. He pressed the wrong button.

I'm  bit worried about the confusion over the voting process that +Christopher blames for his mistake. As this implies he's spent his whole career in Synod voting the wrong way on things.

Still, good news for the bishop as he receives  a job offer. Donald Trump has asked if +Christopher would like to look after the case with the nuclear codes.


  1. If even bishops are pressing the wrong button, what hopes are there for the clergy and the laity? Maybe all these shock reactions to various votes over the years have been because people have inadvertently pressed wrong buttons or wandered through the wrong doors or penciled crosses against the wrong person and been too embarrassed to ask for a rubber... Somewhere in an alternative universe...

    1. Being too embarrassed to ask for a rubber is the Roman Catholics, surely?

  2. Whoops, I pressed the wrong button on the football, Melania ...

  3. Both Frank and I have on occasion pressed the wrong button to "publish" rather than "save" a draft post. Whilst it is possible to retrieve the situation, thanks to editorial privilege, this does trigger several hundred emails to our subscribers.

  4. You're obsessing about same-sex marriage. We're obsessing about giving Communion to the remarried (sans annulment). I'm not Pope Francis's biggest fan, but at the start of his papacy he is supposed to have said that the Church (he meant ours, but he could have included the whole of Christendom) should just stop obsessing about what goes on in the bedroom. There are more important issues to tackle, he said, and I went "at last some common sense!!".


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