Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Funeral for a Sparrow Eaten by "Grendel" the Community Cat

Hymn: Owl Lovely on the Mountains

Reading: "Not a sparrow drops to the ground..."

Archdruid: And how true that reading was. Although it was not God alone who noticed the sparrow fall to the ground on this occasion. Grendel noticed as well. And it did not end up well.  Especially for Hnaef who had to put the poor little thing out of its misery with his hiking boots.

All: Brave of him.

Archdruid: And so we lay this unfortunate to rest....

Hnaef: Actually, we don't. I left it laying around while I went off to clean my boots and... Grendel...

All: Meh.

Archdruid: And so we lay this handful of feathers to rest, in sure and certain hope that sparrows get some kind of afterlife. I mean obviously I wouldn't want to prejudge. It's not like sparrows can be good or bad. And who could imagine sparrows having a little feathery saviour?

The ghost of Sydney Carter: Actually, I could. In fact, while I've been kicking my spiritual heels, I've written a little song about it. Shall I play it?

All: No!

Archdruid: And we reflect the irony that today is Valentine's Day. When the birds are said to find their mates for the year. Instead of which this sparrow had a meeting with destiny and a vicious black cat. Makes you think maybe God's not so nice after all, dunnit?

All: Or maybe the whole "noticing sparrows" thing was a bit metaphorical? 

Archdruid: Whatever. OK. We've said the sad stuff. Chicken casserole for tea.

Hymn: "Close to You"


  1. Who needs Sydney Carter anyway when you've got Whitney Houston, Sister Act 2 or Gowans and Larsson?

  2. I wish I'd had this liturgy available last spring - it would have come in handy for all the juvenile goldfinches that our two cats saw drop to the ground.


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