Monday, 27 February 2017

George Herbert's Day

Great piece of luck, Hnaef meeting the man himself in the road like that.

To give Hnaef his due, ignoring modern advice, he merely listened to George's last words. It seems that working through illnesses, and doggedly looking after your people at the cost of your own health, bring you a feast day and an eternal crown.

Before he went, Herbert showed Hnaef his diary. That's seven pastoral visits, three governors' meetings and six committees that ain't gonna be blessed by his presence today. Nor will he achieve the ten minutes between 1am and 1:10 labelled "write brilliant hymns".

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  1. Thy Gentrie bleats, as if thy native cloth

    Transfus'd a sheepishnesse into thy storie:

    Not that they are all so; but that the most

    Are gone to grasse, and in the pasture lost

    From "O England, Full of Sinne, but most of Sloth"

    George Herbert (Date Uncertain)

    Says it all about the Beaker Folk :)


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