Thursday, 2 February 2017

Groundhog Day / Imbolc / Candlemas

And so, as we grudgingly put away the Christmas bling after promising ourselves that Xmas lasts till Candlemas we discover that the Earless Beaker Bunny had eaten some of the tinsel. It is a really bad idea to allow bunnies to eat tinsel. Partly because it's not good for them.

And partly because if it does go through safely, all their currant-like droppings end up threaded like bizarre jewels on the less-than-savoury tinsel that comes out the other end. Do not try this with your own Beaker Bunny.

Beaker tradition says that, on this most Groundhog of days, if the Beaker Bunny can't see her ears the weather will be changeable for the next 15 years. This has never been proven wrong yet.

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