Monday, 23 March 2009

Available for Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs and Charities...

We're glad to have obtained our licence for conducting weddings. A wide range of neo-coenobitic and pseudo-pagan wedding services can now be catered for. So if your idea of an authentic, traditional wedding experience includes jumping over broomsticks, handfasting, foot-tapping, ear-piercing or the exchange of mutual tattoos, the Moot Hall, Husborne Crawley is the place for you.
After the religious and civil procedures are over, the Beaker Bar (contributions only - we do not charge, to avoid upsetting the Revenue - just don't dare leave without "contributing") will be the perfect place to reflect upon what you've just been through, while sipping a glass of sparkling mead or traditional Beaker carrot juice. Then dance through the night to Hnaef and the Eyebrows, our Wicker-Man tribute band. The happy couple can spend the night in the Aspley Suite in the Great House, while there is plenty of accommodation for guests in the left-over tent village from the Shrine of St Joseph.
We've installed an emergency wall in the Dining Hall. At the least sign of trouble between the families of the Bride and Groom (or, in these days, Bride and Bride etc...) - simply by the Best Man / Best Woman / Bloke of Honour pressing the Panic Button, the wall descends, dividing the hall into two totally separate sections. NB this may not work for people from Norfolk.

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