Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Husborne Crawley Scam

We've been hearing reports that the "Husborne Crawley" (also known as "01525") scam is once again being perpetrated.  This is where people receive emails from someone claiming to be the widow of a deceased druid, who is trying to smuggle hundreds of thousands of tea lights out of Husborne Crawley, and will send them to you if you send them £200 to cover the postage.

You should ignore all such emails.  Since we seem to have millions of the things kicking around the premises, all you have to do is turn up at the Great House, and for a mere administrative charge of £50(cheques to be made payable to Eileen Michaela Russell-Fitzroy) you can take as many as you like.  So much better than throwing away your money on a stupud fraudulent scheme.


  1. Dear Archdruid,

    I wish to submit a new research proposal to the British Academy. I wonder whether I could have your comments.

    On Guns and Doilies: a comparative civil religion analysis of the American Bible Belt and the Beaker Folk of Husborn Crawley

    Abstract: It has long been argued that guns take up multiple functions in the civil religion of the socalled American Bible Belt at cultic, ritual, metaphorical-rhetorical and fractal-erotic levels (see the seminal work of Braggart-Smithsonian 2003 for an overview). What has received less attention is the corresponding function of doilies in the neo-coenobitic cult of the Beaker Folk at Husborn Crawley. This includes a study of the disappearance of doilies in contemporary Britain, suggesting a seismic cultural shift in this, it would now seem, increasingly benighted island community. Beginning with a textual study of contemporary self-propagated literature, this research project will explore the multiple functions hypothesized in respect of doilies in this emerging community cult. Since a textual study can be no more than a starting point, an outline of further work envisaged by this researcher will be provided, involving a self-immersing, participant-observer model of cultural anthropology.


  2. I would like to thank my esteemed and estimable commentator for his comments.

    The doily is an ambiguous - or dare we say it polyvalent - signifier of meaning. Outwardly an anachronistic indicator of times past - a la recherche des doilies perdues, indeed. And yet maybe that apparent traditionalism is in fact an ironic re-appropriation of modernist conventionalism.
    The doily is a metaphorical spider's web - or possibly spiders' web - of meaning. By recontextualising the humble doily in a post-modern milieu we look at the gossamer thin-ness of existence - skating over the thickness of meaning of the table on which the doily is placed - is the table supporting the doily? Or is the doily drawing the table upwards? Is the doily the necessary sub-vase decoration? Or is the vase the sublimation of an artistic installation without which the doily is merely a flat, rather flaky piece of paper?

  3. a bargin, I'll be there...


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