Friday, 27 March 2009

Changing times

We have agreed to change the rules on eligibility to be Archdruid of Husborne Crawley.

You will be aware that previously, in order to be Archdruid, you had to be me. Well, that's not going to change. However I am aware that one day in the distant future, it will be time to hang up the hi-viz and steel toe-caps and take it easy. Indeed, one day I will slip over the brook that is crossed but once, to reside in Avalon, the blessed isle of the apple trees. Obviously, don't get your hopes up. We're not talking imminent here.
However. The Foundation Garments of the Beaker Folk (we drew them up in the White Horse late one night, and having run out of beer mats we wrote them on an old vest) state that the Archdruid cannot be married to a member of the La Tene Folk of Luton, without forfeiting the right to be Archdruid. This of course came about through a tiff I had previously had with one of the aforesaid La Tene Folk. Celtic toe-rag.
In any case, there is a small but hypothetical chance that a future Archdruid might want to yoke themselves - albeit unevenly - with one of these heretical booners. And who am I if not a supporter of tolerance and compassion towards those with alternative religious views? Therefore we're going to change the rules.
In future, it will be perfectly acceptable for any member of the Beaker Folk to marry or otherwise consort with a La Tene person.
Provided they convert.

I hope that tolerance is now clearly established.

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