Friday, 12 August 2016

A Camden Tale

Told to me by Burton Dasset, who was on his way home via St Pancras

A young woman in a hijab is walking along Pancras Way. She crosses a side road. Unknown to her, an angry bloke in a car is tearing along that side road.... the other side of a small rise in the road as she starts to cross.

Angry bloke has to stop at the white line because the young woman is already crossing the junction. He stops, beeps, and then swears profusely at the young woman.

Without looking towards him, she raises one middle finger in his general direction and carries on walking. Serenely.

Burton and other nearby pedestrians are left gasping for breath with laughter.

Homework Question : Which of these things makes you less fully human? A car or a hijab?


  1. I always feel less human after a flujab..

  2. The angry man in the car does seem to need a dose of the Arch Druid's cricket bat or steel toe capped boots :)


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