Monday, 15 August 2016

The Dormition of the God-Bearer

When Gabriel called
eyes deep as time
And the blessing, silent, so tiny 
was given.

A Temple dark
Anna, Simeon
and a blessing, so fierce, so sharp 
was given.

A Temple seat
My love, sitting
and the blessing - his Godly wisdom -
was given.

A ragged crowd
My son, beyond
my love and the blessing I wanted
to give him.

An accursed day
My boy, hanging
Bitter blessing of bearing again
was given.

A dawn so blessed
salves my deep wound
through his death-killing love, the sweet earth 
gives him up.

Now many years
His face, unseen
Yet his blessing, his Spirit, 
is given.

And now - sleeping?
My love, calling
As his blessing, his kiss, his embrace
is given.

It is over.

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