Sunday, 7 August 2016

The Fall and Rise of Duck Henge

It's been ages since we had problems with Duck Henge - that ancient (ish) trilithon that looms over the pond, and through which the sun rises on Saint Bogwulf's Day.

But it was a hot summer day, and Hnaef wanted a barbecue. And you know how much Hnaef likes a barbecue. He had the special gas-powered, Incinerato Mark III. And he was merrily blazing away when he accidentally took the brake off.

Duck Henge is a mystery. Erected in the mists of 2009, it has seen several solstices, Bogwulftides and St Kirsty's Days. But it is no more. Two burnt stumps rising from the edge of the pond, and some ash still floating on the water, are all left. We've had to cancel the rally in support of Christopher Biggins, we're that upset.

And so once again we have the task of rebuilding Duck Henge. We're thinking maybe steel girders - but is that such a good idea for an ancient monument? The Moot will have to decide.

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