Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Liturgy of Your Day Being Wrecked by Trains When You Have Church Responsibilities

Burton Dasset staggers into the Moot Meeting, an hour late.

All: Where've you been Burton?

Burton: Train late due to signal failures.

All: Couldn't you have left earlier?

Burton: Not really. We're sorting out the end of month...

Archdruid: We haven't received your Treasurer's report, Burton.

Burton: No. I was going to do it on the HST this morning. But then a road fell on the line at Barrow on Soar - wherever that is - so I had to get the Thameslink and they don't have WiFi....

Archdruid: Do they not have WiFi in London?

Burton: You know how I mentioned the end of month....

All: What about coming home Burton?

Burton: We were all standing up. It's really hard to write a report when you're standing up.

All: That's the trouble with Burton. No dedication.

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  1. Problem with having the same name as several stations is that it's very confusing for all concerned.


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