Saturday 19 January 2019

In Memoriam: Windsor Davies

Hymn: Meet the Gang cos the Boys are Here 

Archdruid: We are here to remember Windsor Davies, most famous for playing the shouty sergeant-major in "It Ain't Half Hot Mum'.

Michael Bates: Land of Hope and Glory....

Hnaef: SHART ARRP! Rangi Ram, you're a blacked-up, racist stereotype. Where do you think you are, the 1970s?

Archdruid: Well, actually, Mr Lardidah Gunner Hnaef, yes that's exactly where he is.

Hnaef: Still a bit problematic?

Archdruid: Yeah, but it was a different time....

Hnaef: But still - should he have known better? I mean, what about the Melvyn Hayes character?

Sgt Major Williams: SHART ARRP! Will you please bear in mind that you're remembering me, not displaying your own lilywhite consciences?

Archdruid: Yeah, but we're deeply conflicted.

Sgt Mjr: Oh dear. How sad. Never mind.

Hnaef: Can we just remember that one about the antiques instead?

Archdruid: Good idea. I never watched that.

Hnaef: Me neither.

Archdruid: He was good as the Sergeant Major though.

All: Lovely boy, lovely boy.

Hnaef: But what about Rangi Ram?


Hymn: Whispering Grass

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