Monday, 21 January 2019

Liturgy for Blue Monday


How does it feel on a Monday that's so blue
When it's eleven days to pay day
And the credit cards are due?

Archdruid: With hope we have looked to the skies

All: Yet saw no super-blood-wolf moon. Not even an ordinary-water-spaniel moon.

Archdruid: We looked for a red moon

All: But the only red thing is our finances.

Archdruid: Woe is us, for we have passed through Christmas and New Year

All: And the reckoning is upon us.

Archdruid: How we rejoiced as we drank that port.

All: How we enjoyed that eight-bird roast, even as we wondered where the ostrich came.

Archdruid: Christmas is past, the winter's still with us

All: And we have not saved.

Archdruid: And Easter is late.

All: And Brexit is coming.

Archdruid: Still, there's Creme Eggs in the shops.

All: Don't mind if we do.

Hymn: I don't like Mondays

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